2018 Platform

We believe in a vision for our country where politicians visibly fight for all Americans and stand up to wealthy interests to ensure that all of us have healthcare, quality public education, decent income, secure retirement and that no one is left with basic needs unmet. We believe in an America where racism, sexism and religious intolerance are not part of any candidate’s platform, and moral courage is the norm, not the exception. We look towards a future where American democracy functions again because wealth and power are no longer concentrated in the hands of a few.

In 2018, we want to support candidates who believe:

  1. Healthcare is a human right, and everyone must have healthcare.
  2. The wealthy need to pay their fair share to ensure that our economy works for all.
  3. Government should be by and for the people, not corporations.
  4. Government should invest fairly in services for all communities, regardless of income or racial composition.

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