Voter guide

In addition to our endorsements - which were decided based on questionnaire responses and an internal poll - Rise Up WV's electoral committee researched many other local races on the ballot in 2018 to make the following recommendations. Download a printable copy of our Voter Guide here.

Charleston city council wards

The city of Charleston has 20 wards -- use this map to find your ward. City council questionnaire responses are available here.

  • Ward 6: Deanna McKinney
  • Ward 7: Jeffery Mace
  • Ward 14: Gary Spencer
  • Ward 19: Michelle Storage

Kanawha County Board of Education

  • S. Ryan White
  • Tracy R. White

Conservation District Supervisor

  • T. Wilson Hudson

Kanawha County Democratic Executive Committee

  • Terry Pickett (1-H)
  • Malyka Knapp-Smith (1-I)
  • Adam Strider (2-A)
  • Michelle Peters (2-C)
  • Gary Spencer (2-C)
  • Amy Shuler Goodwin (2-D)
  • Matthew Massie (2-G)
  • Sue Bayliss (3-A)
  • Elaine Harris (3-D)
  • Ginny Moles (3-G)
  • Wes Holden (4-F)
  • Margaret Chapman Pomponio (4-H)

Executive Commitee Ward 6

  • Gary Spencer

Kanawha Co. Safety Levy

  • "Yes"

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